Wednesday, June 23, 2010

winnings and a new baby

The picture on the right is to replace the one on it's side on the bottom of this post. I haven't been able to delete the other one yet,LOL!

I won a prize last month on orcsmom's blog

HERE IS WHAT i WON. Oik,it posted twice,LOL! It is some nice material,some labels in a panel..I didn't know these existed! A Peggy Martin paper piece book and an angel book. A wavy rotary cutter blade and some goats milk soap! I was so lucky.

Last saturday my girls gave a surprize birthday party for me. It is actually tomorrow but ac week-end works so much better for everyone. There were a ton of family and extended family through love here and only 2 pictures were taken. One of my cake and one of our newest family members (she is 1 day old in the picture. Her name is Jada. Holding her is my granddaughter Amanda and her mom is the tired one on the right. I need to post more often. I have so much trouble with pictures. Yes,one is sideways!

Ok. Do I win the prize for most messed up blog post? Yikes@!


Homemade Quilts by Granny said...

Congrats on the win...I also won some fabric...hope you had a nice birthday. Trish

Tangos Treasures said...

Happy Birthday!!
New baby is adorable!
Congratulations on your win!!

Chris H said...

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY... and awwwww a new baby! Love babies I do!

Wallene said...

Happy Birthday to you! Love the cake, so pretty and YAY! for new babies - love them too :)

Sounds like a great day all around.

Wallene said...

[oops that is me up above - still haven't fixed the Wallene thing :) Love ya! SkippyMom]

Angela said...

Thanks so much for visiting my site and "following" me! If you have any questions about the belt buckle purse strap, please give me a shout. Oh, and no, you aren't the only one that "messes" up post photos! It happens to me regularly!
Take care.