Monday, June 29, 2009

puppy love

I really do love her. But she is so destructive! She chews cords! Last week she messed up my granddaughters phone charger cord and her laptop cord.

Tonight I was sewing and stopped to answer the phone. I heard my machine sewing like crazy but by the time I got there she had chewed the cord in two. Which for some reason caused it to rev up. Really wanted to cry over that one! The shop is over an hour away in each direction and who knows how much it costs to replace?

The first picture I loaded by mistake,LOL! My daughters friend brought her new baby by to visit. It is the little boy I recently made a blanket for.

The last 3 pictures are Bella about a month ago. Before she got into cords. I ran to the store and when I came back she had destroyed a whole bag of fiberfill and taken a bunch of safety pins out of the pin cushion.

I am so mad at her but that face! It gets me! And her mama (my daughter) is going to replace my cord,that's for sure!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sherry is having a giveaway here. I wish I knew how to post it the cute way!

a giveaway here

Friday, June 19, 2009

fabric heaven

A lot of these are at least a yard and some 4 or 5 yards. The blue is over 10 yards!

Two weeks ago I went to an estate sale and a couple of yard sales. I got a lot of material! Some Joan Kessler for Concord Mills, Susan Winget Fabric traditions, marcus Brothers flannels,a bunch of homespun! I was in fabric Heaven!
I am someday , going to learn a better way to line up my pictures... and learn first is last! But not tonight.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another juice pouch purse

I think I am a once a week blogger so far. I do hope to do better in the future. So when I posted my last juice tote, a board friend asked about purchasing one. So we arranged a trade instead! She is making me something in exchange for a tote. So I am sending her the one I made already and made my stepmom another one since she was out of town and I wanted to wait to mail her package. This is the new one I made. I played around with the pockets. I think all the wonky houses I have been seeing lately influenced me somewhat.

And my cute little grandson that was visiting over the week-end!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Todays sewing

And I thought I would show a couple of my family members! This is Laila and Bella. Laila is a 3yo boxer/collie mix. The mom was a collie,I swear! Bella is a 3 mo boxer. They are good friends. I have 4 dogs all together but I took this picture of them last night under my cutting and sewing tables.

These are some oven door dish towels I sewed today. Forgot about the one already in place!
Ok. Don't know how to rotate. Should have done it before uploading. One is going to my step-mom. I haven't mailed her package yet. The rest will be put in the save for presents box! Now to prep juicec bags for another tote. I am trading for a wreath which is great cause I am not good at wreaths and my trader is!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby quilt finished

I finished my latest baby quilt before the baby arrived. That's a good thing! This one is very colorful,but most of my baby quilts are. I don't usually use as many solids as I did this time though. I appliqued an elephant out of chennille on the front and the back is flannel.

This is for a boy.I'm almost out of the material that has the Children of the world on it. It has been in a few of my baby quilts.
It has been a very busy week-end here! I went to an estate sale yesterday and got lots of material at give-away prices! Maybe I can get it out and take pictures soon! I use mainly out of my 20 year stash but some things are hard to pass up,LOL!