Wednesday, June 23, 2010

winnings and a new baby

The picture on the right is to replace the one on it's side on the bottom of this post. I haven't been able to delete the other one yet,LOL!

I won a prize last month on orcsmom's blog

HERE IS WHAT i WON. Oik,it posted twice,LOL! It is some nice material,some labels in a panel..I didn't know these existed! A Peggy Martin paper piece book and an angel book. A wavy rotary cutter blade and some goats milk soap! I was so lucky.

Last saturday my girls gave a surprize birthday party for me. It is actually tomorrow but ac week-end works so much better for everyone. There were a ton of family and extended family through love here and only 2 pictures were taken. One of my cake and one of our newest family members (she is 1 day old in the picture. Her name is Jada. Holding her is my granddaughter Amanda and her mom is the tired one on the right. I need to post more often. I have so much trouble with pictures. Yes,one is sideways!

Ok. Do I win the prize for most messed up blog post? Yikes@!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby shower presents

My daughter gave a baby shower for her best friend yesterday,with the help of BF's sister. I don't have many pictures of the shower yet,they were on another camera. But I have a few. They are in my best (what does blogger want?) order,LOL!
The first is the burp cloths I made. Next is the chewy with ribbon. They are both laying on the blanket I made. I tried to match them up. I love to use minky on the back of baby blankets. I followed a tute for the burp cloths but can't add the link without fear of losing my page so will come back and add it.

The next is a picture of Melissa opening one of her gifts. Her sister is to the left and husband behind her.

These pictures are of the community center where the shower was located

This is the head table when it was almost decorated. It was a really fun shower.