Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sherry is having a giveaway here. I wish I knew how to post it the cute way!

a giveaway here


elsie123 said...

I'll see if I can help you on putting a link in your posting. If you were editing your post, you would highlight the area you want to be your link, possibly "a giveaway here". Then you would go to the little icon at the top of your post (where you do your typing), and as you hover over the little green earth with black ram horns it should say "link". Click on that, type or paste in the URL address (http:// etc) that you're linking to, and click ok. That should do it! "a giveaway here" will now be in color, and will link where you want to go.

My daughter walked me through my first time. Then one time I got brave and actually put in a video from youtube. That's been so long ago I'd have to figure it out again. Have fun!

lesthook said...

Elsie,I messed it up but.... I think I know what I did wrong! Lost Sherr's link though! Thanks for the help. I will try again!